... Jose Carlos takes advantage very well of the stage to tell the world what he thinks, feels; he believes himself what he is singing and ends up projecting that to the public, thus giving his interpretations an important quality: credibility ... Free is the best adjective that defines it, since for him it's not important the musical genre with which he should fuse his lyrics, as long as it portrays what he means.”

Juan Espinoza, Bay Vallarta, January 2016

Who is Jose Carlos?

Jose Carlos is an independent Mexican Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. His songs deal with themes of love, heartbreak, philosophy and social content. In his music there are influences from New Trova, Mexican Folklore, Country, Funk, Jazz, Pop and Bossa Nova. He is multifaceted in his composition, constant in his ideals that are reflected in his songs.  In 2015, Jose Carlos composed and released his first album “Mirame.” He was selected as the Contest Winner in the “Free Category” at the International Music Festival “Festival Coincidir” in 2017.   He has shared the stage with exponents of Contemporary Trova such as Alejandro Santiago, and opened concerts by Fernando Delgadillo, David Aguilar, Alejandro Filio and Loli Molina among others.  In May 2018, Jose Carlos released an anticipated single “Tu Boca,” a song that speaks of secrets, night kisses and hidden passions. In August 2018, he expanded internationally and made his U.S. debut in an exclusive club in the city of San Francisco where he shared his newest single “Sin Amanecer” which tells the story of two lovers with odds stacked against them, always running away trying to find a moment just to love each other.  “Sin Amanecer” was released globally in September 2018. He is currently in the studio working on his second album, hoping to share it with fans in 2019.

Example of his music...

Tu Boca (Live Session)

Press Coverage

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