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Jose Carlos is a Mexican singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born in Tepic, Nayarit, but based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Jose Carlos is an independent musician. His songs deal with themes of love, heartbreak, philosophy and social content. In his music there are influences that come from Nueva Trova, Mexican Folklore, Country, Jazz, Funk, Pop and Bossa Nova.

In September 2015 he released his first album called "Mírame" where he began to give hints about the path he would take as a composer. The same year he graduated with a degree in Marketing.

In 2017, Jose Carlos was selected as the Winner of the Contest in the "Free Category" at the International Music Festival "Festival Coincidir". He has shared the stage with exponents of the Contemporary Trova such as Alejandro Santiago, and opened concerts by Fernando Delgadillo, David Aguilar, Alejandro Filio and Loli Molina among others.

In May 2018, a new single "Tu Boca" is released. And it was with her that he achieved the title of winning finalist in the "John Lennon Songwriting competition". Fact that prompted him to perform in cities in the United States.

In 2020 he released his second album called "Jose Carlos" produced by Charlie Santana. Album containing his most popular song "Canción para Papá". A very heartfelt song about his relationship with his father.

In 2022 he produced his third album called "322". Where for the first time he was in charge of the arrangements and production together with Sergio Félix from Mexicanto. Album where other artists such as Mario Blanco, Héctor Cantú, Yahir Durán, Camila Merchant, Jesús Olvera, among others, participate.

Jose Carlos has participated in various cultural festivals in Mexico, Canada and the United States. He has been active in charity events in Puerto Vallarta supporting causes for the benefit of animals and terminally ill patients. More recently she performed for the women inmates at the Reclusorio and the children of the local Schools. Each of these causes is no less important to him. 


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