1st Concert in the United States

In August I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco, California. And there are several things I would like to share with you... 

This was the first trip I made to the United States to sing my songs, and I've been saying it since the dates were confirmed: For me this was a big question mark. I would not say I was worried, but I was wondering if my humor would "click" with the humor of Americans, if they would understand the nature of the stories behind my songs, and then, if they would enjoy a song, that not only would they not understand the language, but one of its strengths is precisely the content of its words. Undoubtedly this concert would define the beginning of the road that would take or (reject) me in the neighboring country... and well, I launched into the adventure... 

I arrived on a Monday, quite tired because just a day earlier I had traveled on the road from Morelia to Tepic and from Tepic to Puerto Vallarta.  I had come to do a concert in Morelia and a day earlier at the Teatro Juárez of Guanajuato (which I will tell you later on my impressions of those days). 

On Tuesday I slept most of the day, except that night I was taken to an Ed Sheeran concert, where Ann Marie and Snow Patrol were the opening acts! 

Ed Sheeran was fantastic. It made a very strong impression on me to see how he, his guitar, and a pedal loop station could offer such an attractive and energetic show. The San Francisco Giants stadium was sold out that night (without presuming that our tickets were in row 8; Thanks Kelly!). And I was also impressed with the music of Snow Patrol.  I only knew "Chasing Cars" and "Run" but the atmosphere they create is impressive. I would definitely go to a concert of theirs as well. It was a day of great learning and impression, so much so that on this trip I ended up buying a loop station too hahaha…

On Wednesday, August 22nd, I had a private concert in a home with 14 guests.  I do not want to say it was an essay, because obviously the public has all my respect, but definitely the pressure was very different.  The hostess took care of decorating her home with many details of my brand (there were even original M & Ms with the face of my logo.) The night was very nice and very welcoming, and gave me the confidence that maybe I would succeed the next day. 

And it was Thursday , August 23rd, the concert was in an exclusive club called "The Battery." When I arrived I was treated with all the luxuries that I could have ever asked for, the green room, the attention, the way to The Library where I would present myself, the stage, the sound system and the sound engineer to whom I gave a T-shirt and some other items in appreciation for his work.  Also the photographer, Michelle Kenyon, and her creative assistant offered to give me her work, which was one of the greatest honors, not only because her work is very beautiful, but also the heart and the smile that her presence offers you. 

The concert began at 8 o'clock with the room full of people who I did not know and who did not know me.  I suppose that the curiosity for the “Evening of Latin Guitar” event attracted several and the others came as a result of the amazing work of my Promoter/Manager in the United States. There was always the silence of attention between my songs and a lot of laughter with the nonsense that I dared to tell you, the chemistry was unbeatable and I am certain that in that hour I left a very pleasant taste as the positive comments did not stop coming after the show.   The last song I sang was not written by me (Cielito Lindo), but in the microphone I presented it as "gratitude on behalf of all Mexicans and Latinos who had been well treated in this country (the United States).” It is important to recognize that there are many American people who treat us very well and not all is discrimination and bad gesture, there are those who look at us and know that we are the same and that a hug represents a truth closer to what we are.  Incidentally, they all sang with me the chorus. 

Thank you San Francisco!

Photograph by: Michelle Kenyon

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